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All In The Family Adoption
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SummaryA blog about relative adoption from grandparent point of view
DescriptionOne person looking to spread the news about the tragedies of adoption. My oldest daughter got pregnant at 19. I searched a lot on the Internet about adoption before our granddaughter was born, but I didn't get the information about the grief that first mothers experience. We were totally unprepared. My daughter relinqueshed her daughter to her uncle, my husbands brother, and his wife. This is referred to as "kinship" or "relative" adoption. I want to try to inform others of the pain and grief involved in all adoptions. I believe others need to stand up for first mothers and adoptees. They are denied some of the basic rights that we take for granted. Those of us who love and support those who've relinquished or have been relinqueshed need to add our voice to theirs.
List DateThursday, July-19-2012
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Family Life
Submitted ByKellie
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