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Summarythe unspoken truth of life as a 30ish working mom and wife while having tattoos, toddlers and truth
DescriptionThis year I am turning 32. To me 30's is all about CONFIRMING who you are, growing and enjoying the person/woman you have become and are continuing to be. I am embracing a new sense of myself, my life and my goals. I have found my true happiness with my hubby going on 7 years of marriage. With true happiness comes the two true miracles of our lives. Our babies are the reason we do what we do everyday. I am not only blessed with a great hubby and children but I have a few amazing friends (you will see there names come up for sure), the best family in the world and a career that I accidentally landed in but I think was waiting for me!
List DateSunday, June-03-2012
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CategoryFamily Life
Fashion & Beauty
Work & Career
Submitted BymomFITtingitalliln
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