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Not aLone Mom
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DescriptionHello. My name is Kristen Nelson but most people call me Krissy. I am a loving wife, a proud mother of two, a strong woman of faith, and a published writer. This blog is dedicated to moms and those on their way to motherhood. As a mother there are many times when I feel like I am the only person in the world experiencing the various emotions and situations I encounter each day. This feeling of isolation was particularly heightened in the weeks immediately after I had my first baby and then again upon returning to work. During that time I tried to soak up every bit of encouragement that was offered to me, while quietly longing that one day I would be able to encourage others. Since the arrival of my second child I have transitioned from working a very busy schedule outside of the house to working from home and raising my beautiful children… which brings with it many unique challenges as well!! There have been a number of times when facing a difficult situation or scenario in motherhood and, after much research, I discovered that others had experienced the same things, and more – that it was perfectly normal! Which begged the question: If it’s normal and others have gone through, or are going through it – why doesn’t anyone talk about it! Well, I am going to! (just check out Motherhood – The Scary Times) My mission with this blog is to always be honest! My desire is that by reading about the many twists and turns of my journey you will be able to find hope in yours. You are not alone! For more information on me and my writing please visit my website, Blessings and Happy Motherhood!!
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List DateTuesday, May-08-2012
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