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Project Possessed
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SummaryTackling life, one project at a time.
DescriptionPreferring things that are not 'out of a box,' I have learned to create most things I want on my own. If not a complete DIY, then consider it semi-homemade. No matter what the task at hand, I somehow manage to turn all things into projects. Living on the premise of 'go big, or go home,' we jump head first into any project that we decide to take on. From home improvement, indoor decor, gardening, entertaining, organization, cooking, and time with the family - each area we seek to improve receives 110% effort, and all share the same goal: improving family life. With my creativity, and my husbands logical but unconventional thinking, we come up with some interesting twists on everyday encounters. I hope we are able to provide some sort of inspiration for you and your next 'home improvement' endeavor. Although times of frustration are nearly inevitable when taking on numerous projects, know that the end result and sense of accomplishment are worth it! We hope you enjoy viewing our journey as much as we've enjoyed living it. We are here to motivate, inspire, lift spirits when in need, or simply 'lend an ear.'
List DateWednesday, June-29-2011
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CategoryFamily Life
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