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The Adventures of Superwife
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SummarySuperwife and her Superlife!
DescriptionThe Adventures of Superwife follows Jenny Fast, an Alaskan twenty-something who is equal parts tomboy and glamgal. Jenny's husband Adam is a "true" Alaskan man - rugged, sarcastic, perpetually dirty fingernails, the works. The two have a new baby girl, Ellie, who was born in November 2010, and a red labrador named Tali. Superwife chronicles family life in an honest, heartwarming and often gut-wrenchingly hilarious voice that most readers will identify with. Occasionally, readers will also find reviews and giveaways - mostly of baby-related products
ContactJenny Fast
List DateTuesday, May-17-2011
Total Clicks1,298
CategoryMom Bloggers by State > Alaska
Family Life
Submitted Bysuperwifejenny
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