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Gracies Mum: A Story of a Mum with MS
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SummaryThe ongoing ramblings of a family living with Multiple Sclerosis told through the eyes of the matriarch
DescriptionThe idea behind this blog is for people to understand me and where I'm coming from. People who know me, know that I am sarcastic, blunt and straightforward. Those characteristics have been constant in my personality my entire life and are always prominent when I handle any of life's challenges and the way I've handled MS has been no different. Every parent faces challenges with their lives and the lives of their children from the every day mundane to the extreme. My parenting challenge is being a mum with MS. I fill my life with important people and only those with whom I can nurture positive and enriching relationships. Others, are simply not invited. It goes without saying then that the very most important people in my life are my amazing husband Steve and my lovely and quirky daughter Grace. I also have a special support network made up of incredible parents and fabulous friends. I share these thoughts, rants and raves with you, because it's lonely out there when all your mum friends are mum's without MS and can't relate. It's discouraging when even the most supportive of listeners tip toe around the subject of MS and avoid discussing it. It's equally as discouraging to only discuss the facts, figures and statistics associated with MS. I will not be blindly positive and pretend that the worst won't happen to me. I also won't wallow in self-pity either. I'll just be me. A daughter, a friend, a wife, a mum with MS.
List DateSaturday, March-12-2011
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