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the Bitch in the house
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Summarya bitchinmama at the intersection of political quagmire & real life.
DescriptionBeing “a bitchinmama at the intersection of political quagmire & real life.” is about understanding how the personal is political and the political is personal; According to, ”[t]he term “The personal is political” wasn’t actually popularized until the late 60s and early 70s (by a group called the Redstockings and by Robin Morgan in her book Sisterhood is Powerful). The term was created to underscore what was happening in women’s personal lives–i.e. access to health care, being responsible for all of the housework, possibly being sexually assaulted in our own homes–was a political issue. This was meant to 1.) inspire women to be politically active in the issues that affected their lives and 2.) make sure that politicians paid attention to women’s lives–and look at how the laws ignored women.” I seek to take this idea a step further for a call to action, rallying an activist’s perspective on the dailiness of raising children and influencing my community toward a more equitable future. That is my understanding of where the political is personal. It’s an explication of the connections between what happens in the ‘out there’ of sweeping policies from international, national and local governments. How those polices effect me and my loveys on an intimate level and how those happenings are also impacted by the dailiness of my experiences. It is also an analysis of where I might influence the greater world by raising my children in awareness and entering the fray of policy-making where I can. Putting theory to practice as well as using practice to inform theory is the praxis of my mama-ness This mama is actually master-trained in bitching, earning a graduate degree in women’s studies on topics such as: Feminist Poststructuralist, Postcolonial, Marxist and Queer Theory; Sexuality and the Body; Social Movements, US Third World and Transnational Feminisms; Feminist Pedagogy; and even Women’s History and the Law.
Contactkat sabine
List DateWednesday, August-11-2010
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Family Life
Beyond Motherhood


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