The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Weaning

Weaning can be a difficult time for parents. All babies are ready at a different age to begin eating normal foods, but there are signs that your baby is ready to begin eating. Weaning can be messy and knowing what is best to give your baby can be daunting as a new parent. Here are read more »

Top gifts for the man in your life

There’s a school of thought that states that men are easy to buy for, but if you’ve ever been wandering the local shopping center with total confusion about the best present, then you have probably realized that isn’t always the case. Buying gifts for dads and husbands is often far more challenging than you expect, read more »

Top Children’s Clothing Trends for 2018

Similar to the primary fashion trends for adults, children to have a range of trends to choose from each season. With may designs and color palettes taking inspiration from key designer looks, there is a host of stylish options for mini fashionistas across the globe. A huge factor in children’s clothing is the functionality aspect, read more »

3 Smart Tips for New Moms Looking to Ease Themselves into the World of Cooking

Cooking Tips for New Moms There’s no denying that expectations for moms are sky-high these days. Chalk it up to social media and the fact that every little detail of ours lives are under the microscope, right? This unfortunately creates a huge sense of shame and embarrassment for moms who have no idea how to read more »

Why Nursing is an Excellent Career Choice

Looking for a new career path can be a stressful experience. It is one of those situations where making the wrong choice can have some far-reaching consequences. A career is a much more long-term proposition than a regular job. You, therefore, want a career that is going to maintain your interest and which you can read more »

Five Activities to Keep Kids Busy So You Can Work on Your Studies

As a mom, there’s no doubt that you’re juggling many hats at once. Looking after the kids is pretty much a full-time job in itself, never mind holding down a job, keeping the house running smoothly, and any other interests and responsibilities you have. If you’re a mom who has recently decided to enroll in read more »

How to Balance Family Life, Work and Nursing School

Going back to school while you’re working is hard, but it is even more difficult when you have family obligations to attend to as well. However, it is possible to return to school while working as a nurse and raising a family. Here are a few tips on how to balance family life, work, and read more »

7 Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Together

How to Bring Your Family Closer Together According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 40 to 50 percent of married couples divorce. Even if you are able to get out of a toxic marriage, divorce will have a negative effect on kids since it often happens during their formative years. You don’t want that to read more »