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This Not That – 4 Ways to Improve Your Health and Life

As mothers, we know how “this not that” works with our children. At snack times, we encourage our kids to reach for fruits over chips. But if that’s too big of a reach, we have chocolate-covered health bars in the closet so that the choice is better by degrees. Using the “this not that” method read more »

3 Fast and Easy Ways to Improve Your Appearance – Tips for Busy Moms

Let’s be real. Being a mother, running a household, and chasing down children means mothers are perpetually short on time. On the “mom” list of things that must be done daily are getting the herd out the door for school, keeping the house (somewhat) clean, and feeding your crew. And taking care of our appearance read more »

How to Organize a Charity Event

How to Organize a Charity Event It seems that there are so many people raising money at charity events, not only those doing main events such as Run for Life, but other events that allow people to contribute in different ways. It can be as simple an act of baking cupcakes to sell at your read more »

How Pulse Oximeter Can Benefit Your Health

How Pulse Oximeter Can Benefit Your Health For most people, pulse oximeter is a foreign word. Even though many of us may not think we know what this device is, almost all of us have used them many times throughout our lives. A pulse oximeter is the small device that nurses often place on our read more »

How to Encourage Your Child to Live a Healthier Life

Every parent wants their child to live a happy and fulfilling life. Encouraging your child to stay fit and healthy from an early age is one of the best ways you can achieve this important goal. In later years, your child will thank you for taking this approach and they will pass on this important read more »

3 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe Outside

We all love our pets, and since most of us treat them like our own children, it is important that we do what we can to be responsible pet owners.  When we are outside, out pets like to follow suit and vice versa; however, you need to keep your pets safe when outside. Not only read more »

5 Things to Consider if you are Diagnosed with Cancer

Despite tremendous advances in medical knowledge and treatment, cancer still affects millions of people every year. Although the outcome from a diagnosis is better than it has ever been, the news is never an easy thing to hear. What should you do to help yourself and others around you if you are diagnosed with this read more »

Keeping Your Home Safe For Your Kids

We like to think that danger stops at our home’s door – that once you set foot inside, nothing bad can happen to you. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and most accidents happen within the home. It is important for any parent to take steps to ensure that their child remains as safe as read more »