A Different Way to Teach Your Children

Naturally, every mother wants their child to grow up with the best possible education and the best possible opportunities for later life. And it may very well be that the education on offer from the public schooling system, simply does not allow for this. It’s true that conventional schooling is maybe an acceptable route for those seeking an average, fairly well-rounded education. However, in seeking to educate the whole child according to his or her own specific learning requirements, the traditional path of schooling is not good enough. However, by schooling our kids from home and looking for educational environments which do not restrict their thinking, we can start to move towards a far better future for our children.

Home Schooling for the Future

Maybe the biggest problem with the conventional public schooling system is its inherent inability to truly address the specific and entirely individual learning needs of each student. It goes without saying that this is almost impossible within such a crowded educational setting. We cannot expect one teacher to be able to cater to the very unique requirements of each student in each class. However there are alternatives, such as home schooling. Unlike traditional classroom teaching, home schooling allows the parent or tutor to fully address each and every specific need of the student. It caters for the learning style, strengths and weaknesses of the individual, as opposed to teaching the same one approach for twenty-odd students. Every child must be in full-time education by age 5, but that education does not have to be formal, nor does it have to comply with the structure of the national curriculum. In this respect, children who are home schooled truly do have a great opportunity to develop as complete individuals.

Change The Setting, Change the Learning

Another big issue as far as traditional classroom teaching goes, is the classroom itself. It is by its very form an incredibly restrictive environment. In truth, the same could be said for those receiving home schooling in an indoor environment; it is an impersonal space that stifles the child and ultimately restricts the learning process. Because of this, many families are looking to companies such as BRANDED, who offer outdoor classroom facilities. Being that it has been proven that learning in nature is considerably more effective than learning in the confines of a room, it now seem churlish to return out kids into an environment which will only prevent them from reaching their full potential.


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