4 Cute and Clever Ways to Ask Your Crush to Homecoming

couple enjoying homecoming
Couple at Homecoming

It seems as if anytime you browse the internet these days you’re confronted with some of the most amazing viral videos. Marriage proposals, dogs balancing things on their heads, babies tugging on cats, and other moments of people’s lives are put out there for the world to see, often with creative, funny, and sentimental results.

Now that many people film every aspect of their lives, it can be a great way to get inspiration for just about anything, including asking your crush to homecoming. Some of the videos and photos are incredibly over the top and seem to illustrate the fact that securing a date to the dance is not as simple as it once was. Now, in order to really impress your crush you have to be more cute and clever than you ever have before.

So how should you ask him? While you might have some basic ideas, such as a sweet note tucked into his locker, or a cute stuffed bear with a sticky note attached, we’ve come up with a few interesting, exciting, and unique ways to make sure that your crush says yes, and that your invitation is one to go down in the record books.

1. Call the Cops

While we don’t mean that literally (although if you do have a law enforcement officer who is a close friend or family member and can help that could be great!) it can be funny to arrange a scenario in which your crush receives an invitation to homecoming that’s disguised as a parking ticket. Browse the internet for photos of parking tickets, create one on your laptop, and even find one of those small plastic bags officers use to keep the ticket dry. You can then tuck the ticket under the windshield wiper of your crush’s car, linger nearby, and watch his reaction. Hopefully, after he realizes that he does not, in fact, have a real parking ticket in his hands, he says yes!

2. In the News

Have you ever wondered where the producers for television shows and movies get the prop newspapers that they use? Luckily for us there are printing companies that specialize in these kinds of props and anyone, not just those in the film industry, can order them for any reason.

Of course you’ll need plenty of time to create your fake headline and place your order, but that just gives you more opportunity to be really creative! Use a cute and funny photo of your crush, or the two of you together, and come up with an attention-grabbing headline! When your faux newspaper is ready, enlist one of your friends to don a newsboy cap and some suspenders and play the role of the newspaper vendor.

girl exiting car at homecoming
Girl at Homecoming

3. Candy Crushes

If your crush has a sweet tooth, what better way to let him know that you want to invite him to the dance than with candy? There are many different options and choices when it comes to candy and even more ways that are clever and memorable.

One of the best ways to take on the candy challenge is with personalized sweets. Many of your crush’s favorite candies can be personalized with unique messages, either on the wrapper or on the candy itself. When you’re shopping for your homecoming dress on the Rissy Roos website, keep your color choices in mind. How fun would it be to coordinate the color of the candy with the dress you’ll be wearing?

4. The Scene of the Crime

Maybe you and your crush are fans of scavenger hunts, or of crime shows on television. If so, why not combine the two into a fun crime investigation/scavenger hunt that will keep him guessing until the very end?

Enlist the help of some of your closest friends and plant clues around your town or school. Have him visit each location to discover another clue to the mystery. Of course, at the end of the hunt you’ll be waiting to ask him to the dance. You might get bonus points if you stage a faux crime scene, complete with a chalk outline and police tape!

Asking someone on any kind of date can feel daunting, but don’t be nervous. Stay relaxed, get creative, utilize some of these tips, and have fun. Your homecoming date is closer than you think, and who knows? You just might get famous online in the process!

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