3 Tips for Nailing Your Family’s Summer Vacation Plans This Year

Family’s Summer Vacation Plans

Does it feel like you just packed away your holiday decorations, yet other parents are already talking about summer plans? They may be on to something.

Planning ahead gives you more time to plot out ways to keep your kids occupied and having fun during those long summer months. And if you want to manage a week or weekend away, just for the grown-ups? You will need to start now to work that kind of magic.

Besides, half the fun of summer vacation and family road trips involve the planning and the “looking forward to it” stages.

Want this year’s summer to be one where you stressed less and enjoyed yourself more? Read on for 3actions to take right now that will make all the difference when summer months roll around.

  1. Educate yourself on summer safety best-practices.

Summer comes with seasonal activities that can mean a whole lot of fun for the entire crew. But it also presents opportunities for accidents if everyone is not careful.

Families that take to the roads on a cross-country road trip are increasing their risk of traffic accidents. Chart out your route well in advance and make sure you put your vehicle in for a tune up before your travels. Additionally, know what measures to take in case you get into an accident.

This personal injury attorney in Laredo TX says, “Immediately after an accident, it is recommended that you contact an attorney. With so many steps that must be managed immediately after the accident occurs, it is also wise to be aware of the laws regarding how long you have to file a claim. Every state sets a time limit for the period during which you must go to court and file a lawsuit after you have sustained some type of harm.”

Also, long, hot days might mean frequent trips to the pool to keep your kids happy and occupied. The CDC reports that 10 people drown daily from unintentional drownings. Soreinforce water safety tips a couple weeks prior to the first pool or beach outing.

  1. Start budgeting for your family vacation early.

Have you been promising your kids a trip to Disney World, or some other place they have had their eye on? Family trips can cost a pretty penny. And if you do not budget in advance, the expense can mean steep credit card bills over June, July, and August. In fact, for three fourths of Americans, summer is a time when many go into debt to pay for their vacations.

Want to avoid becoming part of that scary statistic? Start setting aside money for your vacation right now. Get your whole crew in on it by enlisting them to help you save money for your vacation plans. For example, hold monthly garage sales leading up to summer, with proceeds going to your vacation plans. Cut back on grocery spending and reroute $20 per week to your vacation saving account.

Start researching deals now so that you get the best fares and rates if you plan to travel. Also, knowing the area you will be vacationing in can help you shop and eat like a local, versus spending like a tourist.

  1. Know what each family member wants.

Everyone has a different version of what their ideal vacation looks like. For Mom, it might be going to a retreat without the kids. For Dad, it might be camping and fishing. For each of your kids, it will likely be something different.

Orchestrating a schedule that meets the needs of everyone in your family will take some bargaining and masterminding. Prepare your family for compromise by having regular discussions about what everyone is looking forward to. Make sure each member of the family is listened to and listens in turn. This way, everyone is aware of each other’s hopes and can do their part to help each other have a great time.

Last minute additions to the schedule often throw carefully laid plans into upheaval. Put a large calendar of the summer months up in a highly visible place and start blocking out certain weeks with activities and plans. This will keep everyone on the same page and should help to minimize unplanned events. Just do not be too rigid as you plan. An effective summer plan is one that leaves you with room to be flexible when it really matters to the majority of your family.


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