Great Video & Contest – Teach Your Kids to be Giving & Caring

Mother-Daughter Team Lisa Cerone & LemonAID Warrior Lulu
Discuss Philanthro-Party Tips and
How Your Child Can Win a $1,000 “Skullership”

Gen Z (0-18 years old) is a generation defined as un-bordered, optimistic, inspired and entrepreneurial. With the power and knowledge of the world at their fingertips, how do parents today harness and nurture their kids’ passion into something productive?

Lisa Cerone, mother of 13-year old Lulu, knows first-hand about the discipline and encouragement it takes to foster big aspirations from a small person. At the age of 10 years old, Lulu Cerone single-handedly created, organized, and executed a large-scale, school-wide fundraiser to help aid the earthquake victims in Haiti, raising more than $4,000. Four years later, Lulu’s philanthropic efforts total more than $20,000 raised.

Lulu is inspiring friends, classmates and her community to give back in whatever ways they can. She has also caught the eye of one of the most popular tween girl brands – Monster High® who, starting April 15th through June 9, will give Philanthro-party hosts a chance to win a $1,000 cash donation to their cause of choice.

On Thursday, April 18th, 2013, Lisa and Lulu discussed:

How parents can influence and encourage their children to turn their passions into something productive?

Lulu’s LemonAID Warriors:
· What inspired LuLu to start LemonAID Warriors at the age of 10?
· How to get involved?
· What is a Philanthro-Party?
· Tips and Ideas for a Successful Philanthro-Party
The “Ghouls Helping Ghouls™” Skullership:
· Fans are asked to submit video, essay or photo around how they most represent the spirit of “Ghouls Helping Ghouls,” through Philanthro-parties.
· Fans may enter the contest by visiting and following the rules for submission.

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